Mykonos Beach Hopping- First time ME Time optional has been run - was a great experience for traveelers food was of great quality and traditionally greek. Allowed travellers to see another side of Mykonos.

Ed’s Group GI/13E

Mykonos Beach Hopping. The Mto is a new product and could not be faulted. The lunch provided was authentic rustic Greek food and the travelers had access to noodles and swimming gear to enjoy the swim stops. Great work by the crew, Captain Thanasis and the coordinator Dimos.

MJ’s Group GI/16E

Mykonos beach hopping. I really enjoyed The Mykonos beach hopping. It was a great way for the group to bond in Mykonos and although it was windy it didn’t dampen the spirit of the group. It is a wonderful, easy and safe way to see the Island. The crew were also great and a lot of fun. They danced for the group and they loved it.

Karin's Group GI/22E